FO: Husband models new beanie!

Ribbed Beanie for husband! Pattern asks for bulky (16st=4").
DH wanted a beanie that is triple thick. So I had to re-tool this patternto accommodate 2 strands of bulky held together with 1 strand of worsted. The gauge is 2.5st=1". It hurt to knit so many strands of thick yarn, especially the decreases for the crown. Ouch.

Yardage used: about 80 yards of each yarn…so about 240 total yds.

Due to the super large gauge, I had to re-tool the cast on amount of stitches or the hat would fit a pumpkin right out of the garden! I cast on 56, giving me a multiple of 8 repeats times 7. The hat is a 6x2 rib. I used a 7mm needle.

Top of crown, looking down:

It turned out great!! I don’t like working with that many strands either but it sure makes for a quick project!

Looks great! I really like how the decrease turned out :slight_smile:

Looks like everything a hat should be, warm, manly, and knit by someone you love.

It looks great! At least it was probably a fast knit!

Yes! It was fast! I knit it this afternoon.

But, truth be told…I knit the crown TWICE. I ripped out the first crown to add more length to the body of the hat…then re-knit the crown. Now it covers his ears. Before it did not.

The “new hat” is being modeled by DH.
The “first hat” is being modeled by the pottery on the railing outside! It does look shorter, doesn’t it?

He’s very fussy about hats. They can be a wonderful as all get-out…but [B]he[/B] wanted a TRIPLE thick hat. So now he has a hat that’s as thick as the soles of his boots! :teehee:

Last year I knit 2 hats for him, using one strand of this Elann Highland Bulky. He hardly wore them in the mountains. He kept dragging out this 20yr old moth eaten hat…heaven know where he got it from…but it’s as thick as the soles of his boots!

So [B]this time, [/B]I doubled that Elann bulky yarn…and threw in a strand of Lamb’s Pride worsted…and it’s T-H-I-C-K…and no moth holes for ventilation! :teehee:

Great hat – it looks incredibly warm. I’ll bet he loves it.

Very nice hat!..but would it have hurt your model to smile? (just kiddink). Good of him to pose for you. I love the star effect on the crown.

Love the hat! It looks so warm and cozy :slight_smile:

Great job! I bet he loves it. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do those three together at once…

Looks toasty! Great hat!!