FO: Hug shrug in black & Oregon Vest in Walnut

I’ve recently completed these two. The black shrug was for a friend, knitted in Caron’s Simply Soft, and the Oregon vest, knitted in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Walnut, is for me. I just finished the zipper on the vest this afternoon (my first zipper!) and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Here’s a great tutorialfor adding a zipper. My mom likes the vest so much, she’s requested one in blue. Another friend wants socks, but that’s for another day.

Wow, I love both of them! Really like the color of the vest…it looks like chocolate brown??
GREAT zipper tutorial, thanks for including that!
You did a great job on the zipper!
I made my grandson a zip up hoodie last winter and I chickened out on the zipper. Someone told me to take it to the drycleaners and see if they would do it…and they did for 7 dollars. It came out o.k, but I’ll do my own the next time!
Thanks again,!:yay:


The vest is wonderful. The pattern was well written and very easy to knit up. I wore it for a week without the zipper, and even considered a different closure, before I found the zipper tutorial. Basting the edges closed was really the best tip. Made lining up the two sides easy peasy. It’s still a bit nippy where I live, so the zipper was needed. I may decide to line it with some fleece; I’m not convinced it’s necessary, though.

The color is called Walnut; it’s a mottled brown with flecks of green and magenta. Very nice to work with.

I like the shrug a LOT. Awesome! What pattern is that?

Wonderful looking vest, the color is really nice. Here in Oregon, there are some days where a vest is just the right amount of warmth.

Thanks for the zipper tutorial, also.

:happydance: they look great!!

You can find the cabled variations here but unfortunately the site that hosted the original pattern has gone off-line for good. Try Googling Jennifer Thurston’s Hug to see if it’s still out there somewhere – I know she still has a blog page.

Fabulous vest i’ve been looking for something just like it. Found a similar one on Oat Couture, now i have the impetus to start!

That’s the same vest I made (me thinks); Oregon Vest by Oat Couture. As I said, once I got that the pockets were supposed to be attached to the back, it was a very easy knit.

Great job on the zipper :thumbsup: And I love the cabled shrug :heart: