FO: Housewarming Afghan/Throw

I made this afghan/throw for one of my best friends in OK as a house warming gift. I needed a break from the Old Pennsylvania Dutch afghan, and this was perfect. Such an easy pattern to crochet. It only took me nine days to complete, and the stitch pattern is so pretty. This is the fourth one I’ve done. :slight_smile:

A striking looking afghan, beautifully done. It’ll be a very welcome house-warming gift, I’m sure.

It looks beautiful, what a nice gift!

Lovely. Excellent house[I]warming[/I] gift. Very thoughtful.

Very pretty and fast too! Lovely work!

I :heart: Ripple Afghans! I’ve knitted 2 and 3/4 ripple afghan (the 3/4 because it’s still on the needles…hopefully to be done soon). I think the pattern is so versatile and striking.

Yours is very nice and will be a very welcome gift, I’m sure. Great job!

Is this an original pattern, or can you refer me to the pattern you used?

What is the finished size?

A friend just purchased a house. She got the keys last week! so a house-warming gift will shortly be in order, and since my crocheting is so very much faster than my knitting (a quilt would also work, but I’m very backed up on quilts), this might do the trick.

Thank you.


Lovely indeed and very cozy looking. If you’re giving gifts like this, you’re a great friend to have!!!

Here’s the pattern. Mine measure’s out to 38.5 w and 54.5 length. But the pattern is easy enough that you can make it any size that you want it to be. A couple times I just chained a bunch and did the foundation row, and just pulled the remaining chains out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the nice comments ya’ll, I appreciate them!! :slight_smile:

I love the pattern! I am just learning to crochet, and that pattern looks way too advanced for me. Maybe someday…

It’s actually a pretty easy pattern, I think it just looks intimidating. The only stitch that you use is dc. :slight_smile:

It is a very handsome afghan! Anyone would love it!!!

Nice lacy blanket! Congrates!:thumbsup: