FO- House socks

I needed some more warm house socks so I got some bulky yarn (Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed) in deep red. I should have used a smaller needle so these may not last too long, but I’ll wear them anyway. They are soft and warm and unfortunately slippery so I’ll have to wear them with scuffs. :doh:Boy do my legs look white! :shock:

They look so cool–I cant wait to learn how to do socks–Great job!:thumbsup:

I was surprised, they are actually pretty easy. And they make you feel brilliant the first time you do them! :teehee:

Too cute! I was looking at that yarn. It looks very pretty knitted up.


They look great. Too funny about the hwite legs. Mine are so white too and I only have 2 coices white or pink. I just remind myself God had many choices and he chose to make them white so I just need to be happy with that. LOL

:thumbsup: Great job!!

I like them :slight_smile: Even the white legs lol :slight_smile:

Great looking socks, Jan! I like the tweedy look:thumbsup:

Very pretty, and so warm looking! What pattern did you use?

They look great. I love that yarn.

I really like them! I must take up the offer from the lady at my LYS for help in learning to knit socks! Those DPNs are really intimidating!

They look warm and toasty (AND cute)!

Great socks! I want to make some to keep my feet nice and warm during this already too cold Minnesota winter! What size needle did you use? And the yarn that you mentioned…is that sock yarn or just regular yarn?

Thanks everyone! I have them on my feet right now! :thumbsup:

I used a 9, but I knit loose so I should have gone down a size or two and adjust the pattern. Socks that are knit too loosely don’t wear as well. I used bulky yarn so they’d be extra warm since I get cold feet.

Definitely learn! I didn’t use DPNs for these, I used two circular needles. I find that they are easier to keep from getting ladders between the joins and it’s easier to set them down or take with you.

[QUOTE=]What pattern did you use? [/QUOTE]
I used the “4 Stitches Per Inch” pattern in Getting Started Knitting Socks because it was for bulky yarn. I’ve made socks before so I pretty much just used it as a guide though.

Very nicely fitted socks. I like the tweedy red yarn. My high school colors were red and white (so soft spot in my heart :slight_smile: ).

I’m a big fan of using circular needles to avoid laddering, too. I’m almost finished with a pair of toe-up socks using one circular needle (Magic Loop). I much prefer using ML over DPN’s, although I don’t dislike DPN’s.

Nice socks, BTW!

Love those socks! :heart:
I need to make a pair for my cold feet too.

They look so comfy and warm, not to mention, beautiful!

I love them! They are nice and warm. The only problem is they are slippery so I have to wear scuffs over them.

Thanks to all!

Aw, Jan! Those socks are gorgeous!

And your legs are peaches ‘n’ cream! Don’t knock 'em!
Creamy is all good these days! :thumbsup: