FO: HOT Java Cozy (My Free Pattern)

I just created a FREE pattern for using up leftover sock yarn 2 at a time. It’s on Ravelry here or on my blog - it uses 2 yarns at once, so you can use up those remnants faster :wink: AND it’s eco-friendly because you don’t have to use the paper cup holders at the coffee shops. 2 sizes and 2 variations are contained in the pattern. I went to Starbucks with DH the other day and he liked it, I just finished one in a “manly” grey color for him yesterday, pics later.:teehee:

P.S.: I posted this on another thread a few days ago and was reminded I shouldn’t “hide” it in that post, that I should post it here, so there ya go.

Thanks! I was just wondering what to do with some sock yarn remnants that I have! :yay:

how cute! and I like the interesting colours…

I made myself a quilted one of these, with polar fleece inside (pink of course) -they’re surprisingly useful.

Thanks for posting the pattern, much easier to make this way than my quilted one was, I’m guessing

Great idea! Thanks.

Love them! I’ve always loved the coffee cozies anyway. Thanks for the pattern!

[COLOR="#330099"]What about leg warmers for very skinny and very short legs? :roflhard:

They look great!

For Java leggings… :wink: [/COLOR]

Actually, I slipped one over my hand as I was going out the door and they make perfect wrist warmers…:teehee: So I made a matching one, pics to come. :wink:

You have me thinking wrist/sweat bands.

Are your cozies absorbent? What’s the best yarn for these?

I’m guessing something in cotton blend with nylon for stretch, yes? I think I’ll be making a few pairs for myself when I work outside. :eyebrow2: Although now it is getting cool enough I’m not dripping with sweat just from stepping outside. :roll:

I love a design that is multipurpose or a short and easy modification away from another use.

Great job and Thanks for sharing!

Leftover sock yarn is best I think, won’t shrink or felt, and I’ve already spilled coffee on mine, it HAS to be washable. I might try it with cotton, but you’d have to swatch and see how much it shrinks first, then adjust the caston AND needle size. If you do, make sure you let me know, I’ll add them to the blog and Ravelry notes for anyone who wants to try the same thing.

Personally I like having a way to use up yarn leftovers AND 2 at a time at that! ;)…

TIP: [B]The finished projects weigh exactly 12g, so if you have a small kitchen scale, you can just weigh the yarn you have on hand to see if you have enough for the cozy…maybe shoot for 13g to include cast on and bind off yarn, joins, etc.[/B]

Ingenious . . . and a great stash buster. They would make a great stocking stuffer for my coffee addicted son.

We have these tall, slender plastic drinking glasses from Costco that I want to knit ‘cozies’ for. They aren’t insulated and they drip. I’ve been thinking of a brick stitch pattern, like on a dish rag, nice and absorbent.

Anyone know how to figure that out with magic loop?

That sounds nice, I’m dying to try fancier stitches on these. Try a magic loop group on Ravelry? I don’t know anything about it.

Ah, I love them! Thanks so much for your photos, too!
Yes, I do think it is very eco-friendly, too! Great!

Did you see Lola’s latest strip? I thought it quite appropriate to post it here…:roflhard:

Thanks, that’s awesome, here it is below, for anyone who isn’t on LB’s site. I noticed on today’s Lion Brand email they had a crocheted cozy, I guess the cartoon goes with it.:

Thank you, SgtPam and Arielluria, for taking this thread to a new level!

P.S. Arielluria, I’m sure you look nothing like Lola’s mom. For one thing, she isn’t wearing wrist warmers. :wink: [/COLOR]

As a matter of fact I am :o). I never have before but I could see the potential for these :teehee:. I love things which do double duty: