FO: Hoodie Cardigan


I am janneth, knitter from Malaysia, I started my knitting Hobby in 2006, when we were going back to Netherlands. So I knitted cardigan for my daughter and pull over for my son.

Recently, I’ve knitted my friend’s son a hoodie cardigan, which was my first time of knitting cardigan with hoodie. I am still new with knitting. So I would like to share with you all, what I’ve done for knitting. The hood is not really straight. its curly at the edge of it. Maybe because of the thread I use. It so difficult to find a suitable thread at Malaysia. We only have wool from india, Aclyric and cotton but not so many. So whatever we have I just use it. :slight_smile:
Ooo…ya almost forgot, I got this pattern from My current project is sweater for my son.

Thanks and I will share the photo of my current project once I finish it.

Thank you.

Oh Wow! I love it! Your friend’s son is very cuddly-looking

What a little cutie he is! Like the sweater also, my favorite color of blue.

Thanks, I will probably tell my friend about it. :hug:

I think it is lovely and baby is so cute :slight_smile:


It’s beautiful! You did a great job, and the baby is just gorgeous!

How cute is that! Well done!

Cute little guy and cute hoodie!

That’s lovely! Nice job!!

That’s adorable and so is the baby!

The hood may curl if you don’t have enough of a border on the stockinette. You need about about an inch or so of garter or some other non curling stitch.

:inlove: aww how cute!!

LOVE IT! and the sweater’s not bad, either :teehee:

(its VERY nice, not just not bad, lol!)

I love hoodies on babies! This hoodie is adorable, as is the baby!


I love the hoodie…great job! The baby is adorable too!