FO: Hooded Toddler Sweater

I finished a sweater that I was working on for my 2-year old. I’m not too thrilled with the end result because it’s too small, but I made a huge mistake with gauge. Somehow in my mind I got it backwards and thought that tighter tension = bigger, but indeed it’s the other way around :doh: . I knew I had too many stitches per inch, but thought it would be OK and it would be bigger - :doh:! You can read more about what I learned on my blog :slight_smile:

Anyway, the process was great because I learned how to pick up and knit stitches and make button holes. Here are a couple of pix:


p.s. gauge is important! :wink:

p.s.s. it’s the Lion Brand free pattern Simple Hooded Cardigan

aww she is a cutie!! the sweater looks great…I always want to do the oppposite with gauge too :rofl:

it looks really good though! Sorry it’s too small…what a bummer. However, in 3 weeks she would have outgrown it anyway, right?!? That’s not a consolation at all is it? Oh, they grow too fast.

Nice work though, the construction looks great!

Your daughter looks sweet. And you learned new technique(s). Plus you got to see if you liked the pattern or not. So it is a win win situation.

These are my thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

Awww cute!

Awwww…so sweet! The sweater looks perfect too… :heart:

She’s sooo cute!! The sweater looks really cute, despite being snug-isn’t that the style now anyway? :teehee: and just fyi, I always seem to go the opposite way and things end up HUGE! Great job!!

That is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern–I think I will add that to my list of projects to do!

I made my DGD a sweater for Christmas that’s too big, so please don’t feel bad. Since it swatched right,I have no idea why. The great thing is that both our little girls are absolutely adorable!:heart:

Oh, it’s so cute! And she’s a doll!

Aww, what a SWEET HEART! And the sweater is very cute and it looks like your stitches are so perfect and neat.
Great Job! :cheering:

The sweater looks great and kids outgrown everything so fast, besides the plus side is they really don’t care as long as it was made by someone special. my 13 year old son still wants things made for him and when he outgrows something he expects me to rip that out and make him something else with the same yarn that will fit.

Looks cute!