FO: Hooded Poncho

I made this for my 18 month old niece. Very easy (though some of the instructions were a bit confusing at first). Quick too with the bulky yarn. I still have to get the little darling to cooperate and take a picture wearing it. She looks adorable in it!

Pattern is Drops Hooded Poncho

That came out really cute!

Very nice!

AWW! I bet she will look so cute in it! :inlove:

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! What an adorable little poncho!
Great work, and thanks for sharing the link! I faved it, and queued it in my Ravelry folder!

VERY adorable.
I can’t wait to see the darling neice wearing it.
And I love your avitar - cute puppies.

So beautiful

Awwww … so sweet!!! I’ll have to put that in my que!

So cute! Wish I had a little one to knit it for!