FO: Hooded Fisherman Rib baby girl jacket

A young woman in our congregation is having a baby girl in January! Oh wheeee! :happydance:
Love knitting for babies, especially baby girls.

Here is the first installment of a series of sweaters that I’m going to knit for her baby girl.
I’m knitting the smallest sizes possible cuz I hope the baby can wear it this winter 2014.

Here is a link to my Ravelry notebook for this project.

The pattern isn’t free. It’s from a McCall’s 1973 vintage booklet, and I bought mine on Ebay a while back.
A used booklet is available on Ebay today. Click here for that.
There are 65 patterns in this soft cover book. It seems to be $10.95. I paid $25 for mine!

I used this yarn. I didn’t want to burden the mother with handwashing.
She has two other children, plus she works their family pizza truck. Busy woman!

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How sweet!

Adorable sweater for the new little miss, ArtLady! :heart:

Oh, that’s so darling! And I agree, you have to use yarn that is easy to wash. Not too many new moms can take the time to hand wash things! It’s also nice to know the baby’s sex so you can pick the right colors.

How adorable! i love the hood and the fisherman knit is so soft and cushie. That’s so thoughtful of you to knit a series in increasing sizes too. The family will be thrilled.

Oh this is so sweet.

I am in awe of your knitting :inlove: How fun to knit for a baby girl and what a sweet sweater!

I knit this little hoodie back in 1977 for my little girl who’s now 36 years old!

I knit two actually: one in peppermint candy pink, and another one in lipstick red! I loved them!

My girlfriend’s sister have me a terrible quality photocopy of the pattern, and parts were missing, but I muddled thru it. I was elated to find the original book on Ebay, and it’s near mint condition.

Perfect! :heart: :heart: :heart:


AW… How cute. It’s always nice to have a baby girl around to knit for :slight_smile:

OMG that’s just beautiful! Love those little pom poms, or whatever you call them in America! :teehee:

So pretty! You knit so beautifully!

I knitted this very sweater for my neice when she was a baby. Now she’s in her mid 40’s! That was in the 1970’s. I checked the link that was on your message for a copy of the book it was in and I can’t believe, it’s the same book. And I still have it! Wow! Like de ja vu! I made it in red and white because it was around Christmas time when I made it the first time. I’ve made it a couple of times over the years, but not lately. I think it was the VERY FIRST knitting project that I actually finished! LOVE TO KNIT.:cheering: :cheering:

Every time I knit this little hoodie I’m transported back to the late 70’s. Sigh

Lovely choice of yarn!!
I made this sweater many times! A couple of years ago I let all my magazines go and now I am kicking myself because I really would love to find this pattern again. Does anyone know where I can et a copy of it?


This is the Ravelry link to the pattern.

If you google the issues referred to, you’ll find possible sources like ebay.
McCall’s Needlework & Crafts, Fall-Winter 1969-70
by McCall’s Needlework & Crafts

McCall’s Makes It Just For Baby (1973)

Thanks, I found it on Etsy! :slight_smile: