FO: Honeymoon Cami - Knitty


I finished my Honeymoon Cami from the Knitty website and I love it! I used Knitpicks Shine and added a couple of inches so it wouldn’t be too short.

I did have to turn the front into the back and the back into the front when I noticed that one skein of yarn had a weird stain on it which showed up mostly in the real front. I noticed it before I adjusted the straps, so no problem!



Wow, it looks wonderful!

That is beautiful!!! it a perfect fit for you!!! You really have a great figure!!

So pretty! :cheering:
The designer of that cami, Julia Trice, has a great blog where she shares her designs and others:

Her Asana tank from Knitty is cute, too.

What a BEAUTIFUL job you did!!! i have loved this cami for a long time (have yet to knit it though). You did an excellent job and it looks absolutely superb on you!

My thoughts exactly!! Great job!:thumbsup:

It looks really nice! Glad you found the stain on the yarn in time to put a good fix on it.

That is lovely . Looks like a great fit too.)

Very pretty!

Thanks for all the nice compliments and the link to Julia’s website! :heart:

I was nervous when I tried it on for the first time, as I never know how things are going to turn out, and was very relieved to find out it fit so well.

Although I’d love to do another tank-top type garment, I’m committed to knitting a sweater for my DH, which will be my first attempt at a garment for him.

Very nice!!

I had to laugh, I tried to look at this yesterday from work but this thread was blocked by IT because of the suject “lingerie”:roflhard:

:yay: Very pretty!!

Very pretty! :inlove:


I love it. It looks so good on you.:cheering:

GinnyG - That is too funny! :lol: Stupid blockers.

It is absolutely lovely, as is the model! Wow on both!!!

Great job! :thumbsup:

It turned out wonderful!!! Congrats on such a beautiful job and fit!

its absolulty beautiful. it looks great on you. you have the perfect figer to wear a georgous top like that