FO - homespun hoodie/poncho

Well, I finished the homespun hoodie yesterday but… :?? my camera mysteriously went missing. It amazingly reappeared after my DD got home from school. :shock: Wonder how that happened?

Anyway, here’s two homespun things that I’ve finished. One is a poncho for my neice - I used “Cotton Candy” and the pattern is SUPER easy! 2 rectangles done in garter stitch and then sewn together with fringe on the edges.

The hoodie is done in “Covered Bridge” red with “Edwardian” edging. I kinda flubbed the edge of the hood - it was supposed to have 1x1 rib then stockinette but… it’s OK. Hey, he’s 4 so he’ll probably only get to wear it one season. Plus, I’m the only one in the family who knits so I doubt anyone will notice the little “oops”! :wink:

What to do next? :thinking:


:cheering: very nice great job!! I love that color of the poncho :thumbsup:

[size=1]yarn snob who hates homespun here[/size]

Wow they both look really good. :cheering: I must be doing something wrong cuz whenever I used homespun my stuff always looks yucky :rollseyes:

REALLY good job, Angela!! :cheering:

They look so soft and warm!! Beautiful!

Great job. They’re cute and look sooo soft. (Don’t you just love that soft, fluffy yarn?) :XX:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: okay gotta finish my homespun kids hoodie now!

and I totally know what you mean about cameras disappearing - this morning, I wanted to take some photos of needles, and lo and behold, I could’nt find the camera. Two minutes later my son calls me and says “where’s the battery recharger, Mom”? arghhh! He had the camera and ran out the batteries

well, good news is that he was thoughtful enough to re-charge them!

I think… :thinking:

Angela, those turned out very nicely :cheering: :cheering: and will be worn aLOT bc they are so soft :thumbsup:

Those are GREAT!!!

I am making a poncho in the homespun also for my oldest daughter… its called Williamsburg… sorta a medium blue. I am about 2/3 done with it.

I want to put fring on it but my daughter said no… maybe if I show her yours and how CUTE it looks she will change her mind :smiley:

I love that color and have used it for… something?

Another idea for your poncho is a tassel on either point of the poncho? That would also work but the fringe is just so… fringie! :happydance: Doesn’t this turn out much bigger than you think it’s going to? I was sure that this would be too small but its perfect!