FO - Hogwarts Scarf

First off… HI! First post yay :slight_smile: Also this is only my second ever project. My first was another scarf which I completed around December time. That was just garter stitch I recall.

This was started around middle of February. When I started knitting I knew I wanted to knit a Gryffindor scarf so it was only a matter of finding a good pattern. I used the one up at Atypically. It’s my first use of circulars and of changing colours. It’s with Plymouth Encore Worsted, Cranberry 175 and Butternut 1014 on 16" US8 circulars. This is about half way through, 9 or so stripes. I’ve done another two stripes since then. It curled at the ends as you can see, but when I close it and add fringing that’ll fix it.

My brother already has an order in for one in Ravenclaw (film). Now I just have to find the right yarn for him (130&157). It’s hard to find them, being from the U.K. The yarn for this scarf was ordered from and including shipping cost around £20. It’m having a hard time tracking down the 130 silver. It’s called oyster by some, or English Silver by others. Anyone know where I can get it cheap, that will ship to the U.K?


:waving: Welcome, welcome!! I love, love your scarf…perfect stitches :cheering: :cheering: I’m not sure about the yarn & shipping to the UK, of course googling should give u an idea :wink:
Always excited to welcome another knitter to the board…looking forward to getting to know u :smiley:

Looks great! I like the idea of a knit tube when doing stripes – fewer ends to weave in!

Very nice!

Thanks for the welcome and nice comments! I’ve been knitting some more tonight and had a count up of stripes - almost finished my 12th of 19 in total. Then I need to do the fringing. Any idea of an alternative to a crochet hook (which the patterns asks for) for fringing?

I like to use ICord fringe for scarves, too :smiley:

Beautiful stitches!! Way to go! :smiley:

That is extremely lovely! I love how it’s turning out. :cheering:

Which is what, exactly? lol

Great job! :thumbsup:

Looks great! :thumbsup:
That was one of my first projects too. I made one for a then 3 year old (she’s now 4) huge Harry Potter fan. I’m now in the process of making the POA scarf. I’ve been working on that one for almost a year, I think! :lol: I had to put it on hold to make some other projects for gifts and wait for more yarn to come.
Good luck finding yarn for the Ravenclaw scarf!

that is wonderful, my fiance saw it, and he wants one now!

:cheering: :thumbsup: Well done! :thumbsup: :cheering:
I wantto knit a HP scarf soon, but I have a pattern that doesn’t use CNs so i will use that. Where did you get your wool from because I am also in the UK and other than googling and looking in my loca shops don’t know where to look (seeing as the shops don’t havemuch and it is quite hard to find what you want on the internet)?
Once more WELL DONE! And good luck with finishing it!

great job! :slight_smile:

Oh thanks again for all the nice comments :slight_smile:

KatyMaria56, so glad your fiance wants one too haha!

Fudgie, I got the yarn from It was quite expensive but for the quality of the yarn and the wool content, I thought I’d go all out :slight_smile: Not sure if they stock colours that will match other houses (517 Delft Blue is close, as is 204 Hunter Green and obviously 217 Black, just missing a bronze and silver) but the colours for Gryffindor are pretty close (as you can see!).

:thumbsup: Very nice. Isn’t Encore great to work with? As for the other house colors - I made a Slytherin House sweater with Encore and they are just right!

Keep posting your progress pics - :XX:

Oh which colour did you use for the silver? Did you order it online or buy it in a store? :slight_smile:

Great job so far! I wanted to knit one of these but I put it off and now it’s too hot…


Oh which colour did you use for the silver? Did you order it online or buy it in a store? [/b]

The band on the yarn doesn’t have a name, but the number is 194 for the silver, 204 for the green and 520 is the main sweater color.

I made an Easter egg with leftover yarn -

Oops, sorry I forgot to answer the where did you get it question! I bought it at my local yarn store.