FO - Hideous Tie

Well the extremely ugly Skittles Tie is finished.

Wow! That is ummmm, it’s uhhhh, well you did a great job of knitting this tie. Actually to be honest, it really doesn’t look too bad once you see it on! I didn’t even need my sunglasses to look at the picture. Way to go Mason. Thanks for modelling your Skittles Tie!

As I said on the other thread - That will make you stand out in a crowd! People won’t forget you.


No doubt.

I may wear it to a bar some time just for giggles. :mrgreen:

What??? More JD? Tisk, tisk!!! Next you’ll be knitting underwear. Now that we HAVE to see!


mason mason mason u have left me :passedout:


I think I missed the first thread about this tie. It is interesting…and bright.

Somewhere, I think Knit Picks , I saw a nice tie pattern using sock yarn. You might check it out.

How often do you wear a tie in your line of work??

I agree, it looks better one than I thought it would.

I bet you could top it if you make one out of some fuzzy yarn.

I think you should make your new avatar a picture of you wearing this- just to scare the newbies!

I don’t wear ties at work.


Well, as a newbie, I think it’s hysterical!!! Not so much scared, as I am intrigued :). It makes me want to make one for my husband and act like I seriously want him to wear it

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your knitting. :mrgreen:

you are hysterical! I love it! The striping reminds me of something but I can’t place my finger on it… (and I wasn’t AROUND for the 60’s trips…) LOL!

Wow! I actually think it’s pretty cool! It’s certainly not an “oval office” or boardroom kind of tie, but it would be a scream at a party or bar! :yay:

I just showed my DH…he agreed, but added that you could also tie it around your head and go back to 1967 and be a hippie. :wink:

Mason, you crack me up! It’s actually pretty cool. Thanks for modeling it!