FO Hey Teach

This is my Hey Teach, knitted for me. Cotton-Ease, size xs. I thought I was knitting size small, not xs, but it turned out O.K. I will probably knit another.

That is VERY pretty! Love the color! Looks like the XS fits you just fine! :thumbsup:

Thanks. In the past I always made my sweaters too big, so at least this one is not too big. I added length in the armholes when I realized what size I was doing.

that looks awesome on you!!! absolutely, you should knit another! :smiley: (enabler, here!)

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

Looks terrific … I’ve been wanting to try that pattern! And the color you chose is gorgeous … it looks great on you! :woot:

Thanks. The pattern was easy to follow. About the color: I chose it for DGS’s cable sweater, but DD said it was too bright for his clothes. That was O.K. with me – I finished it for me, and then started on his.

Nice job! I like the fit and the colorway.

[COLOR=Blue]That is very, VERY nice![/COLOR]

Lovely color and a great fit. Nice work!

I love it! The color is so pretty! and it fits you fine! Great job!

Thanks, everybody. Knitting is so much fun!

Looks great on you!

I love this design! I’ve had it in my sweater folder as a “must knit”!

You did an inspiring job! Excellent fit, too!