FO: Herringone Neckwarmer

There’s a cute (free) herringbone scarf pattern I spotted it at Raverly. It inspired me to use up one skein of Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky that I impulsively purchased at my LYS a couple of years ago.
(the 108 yd hank = 5.5" x 25" flat)

BTW: the herringbone pattern stitch is easy as pie. Try it!

My [B]Plan B[/B] buttonloops, shown below. I couldn’t figure out how to make
K2tog/YO buttonholes in this the middle of this herringbone stitch. Gah!

The perfect end for an impulse buy! It’s lovely and the buttonholes look natural and (most importantly) function just fine.

Whenever I make button-up neckwarmers, I usually crochet a row of single crochets and loops onto the end of the scarf. Works great.

Lovely and warm, warm and lovely. Very pretty. That’s a very comfortable color, works well for the neck warmer. :thumbsup:

I like this a lot. It is a nice change from wearing scarves. You did a fabo job as always.

Beautiful! Color, pattern, buttonhole solution, the whole 108 yards. Love this pattern stitch.

Beautiful!! I like the buttonholes like that rather than in the knitting. His way it doesn’t interrupt the beautiful pattern!

It’s totally beautiful!
TEMA :thumbsup:

Beautiful and a great stash buster, too!

Just beautiful! I searched every store I could think of at Christmas, trying to find a scarf or neckwarmer for my dil - my son had told me she’d love one with some buttons, or something “different” to give it some style. I found nothing. Yours is perfect - elegant and practical, plus cozy. They live in a … let’s say…“cooler” area of our Province, lol, and she’s a knitter, so I’d like to give her the link. I guess that’s ok? She should join KH and Ravelry anyway! Thanks for posting!!

So many lovely things people are knitting, one day I’ll make something more than a pair of socks!! Like this for instance, could use a neck warmer today in SE Michigan!

Just beautiful as usual. I really like the idea of the loops instead of making buttonholes in a pattern. I made this pattern a few years ago with the buttonholes and was not all that pleased with how they turned out. I will definitely keep this one in mind again as I love the herringbone pattern. Thanks for the great idea.

This turned out nice. I love the look of the stitch it would look great worked up into a jacket.

I was thinking the same thing. But it would be very difficult to work out the shaping “in pattern”, the increases and decreases that occur for waistline, armholes and neckline shaping. Just the thought of it gives me a headache! :wall:

beautiful. Knitted accessories are just beautiful.

What you did for your “button-holes” worked very well. We have to get inventive sometimes. :slight_smile: Turned out very pretty.

woot woot!! Nicely done…love the color!!:cool:

It is just beautiful–both the pattern and the yarn! I like the loops for the button holes, too. You always find lovely patterns. Another project to add to my queue! :slight_smile: