FO: Herringbone Sleeve for Circular Needle Case

Ever had a tri-fold circular needle case that is so poorly designed that the smaller needle tips fall out the end if you pick up the case at the other end? :doh:

Well, I purchased a poorly designed tri-fold (fabric) needle case for my Knit Picks nickel plated OPTIONS a few months ago. It wasn’t cheap either. Bah!

So this is the case:

Closing the right flap…

…then the other side:

But wait! Look at the top of the case:

…and see how the tips [U]very easily[/U] spill out?

So you see my problem. I’ve been using a heavy clip to hold it shut, but got real tired of that ugly clip.

So I knit up a Herringbone Sleeve for the needle case itself…and now my problem is solved!

This herringbone sleeve used 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, color 84. I seamed with a plain dk yarn. Just the sides. The bottom is seamless because the sleeve was knit as a 28" length and then folded up to 11" tall, then the flap is turned down. Button loop added, button attached. Voila.

I know there are [I][B]cheaper, easier[/B][/I] ways to ‘fix’ my problem of escaping needle tips, but I wanted to use this (new) modified herringbone stitch for something, [I]for anything[/I]…plus…I’ve had this
Noro in my stash for 7-8 years. I had fun knitting this herringbone sleeve! It’s very addictive knitting.

My Rav Notes

Wow! Useful and decorative. Very stylish and I love the I modified herringbone stitch. [/I] You made a problem I’ve seen as very difficult much simpler. That’s a skill I’m not sure I can develop.
BTW is this copyrighted or can I just brazenly steal your idea and use it? To do that I’d need to know how to do the I modified herringbone stitch. [/I]Will you share? Please, pretty please? Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top? :pray:

YES! It was too large, the needles slipped out and it also had a tie that got caught on everything in my bag. :hair: I sent the case back and told them the problems with it. I did find one I liked and (now have 2) the needles haven’t fallen out and it has a snap on the outside. Whew!

That is a great idea to fix yours though! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous, of course. I love the herringbone stitch, elegant result and fun to do. The color changes are yummy.

How very spylike! :slight_smile: It is a beautiful case and I love the colors.

Very very pretty, and a nice solution! That stitch is ideal for a case - has a great look to it. Where can we find how to do it? I’m thinking it’d be perfect for an e-reader, or sunglasses, or or or… :slight_smile: I love it!


Beautiful and practical.

And that is definitely a nice stitch. I’ll have to try it one day :slight_smile: