FO - Heritage Baby Blanket

First off, thanks to Sweet_Thang for posting her pic of this blanket. I had been looking for a special pattern for a while and as soon as I saw hers, I knew that was it!
The pattern is Heritage Baby Blanket from Oat Couture. I did it in Premiere by Classic Elite (my new FAVORITE yarn to knit with), and the color is Mimosa (5212). The label says to hand wash and dry flat, but if you machine wash and tumble dry low it just gets softer, it’s lovely.
It’s approximately 36x34 inches.

That is beautiful. Lucky baby.

That is lovely! Thank you for posting it I may use that pattern!

Beautiful work ! It is really lovely . Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

How beautiful is that!

:yay: so pretty!! Great job

That’s a perfect size blanket IMO. It’s beautiful!

Simply gorgeous!!! Your work is beautiful. That’s one lucky baby!

that’s really nice. Where is that pattern found?

That turned out so pretty…great work! :muah:

Ooooooh, that is really lovely. The color and pattern work very well together. What a lucky baby.

Thanks everybody! I’m pretty proud of it, and was a little sad to send it off to the mama-to-be. :sad: I am going to make this blanket again when I’m actually a mama-to-be.
You can go to to find out where to buy their patterns. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get them online anywhere.
Happy Knitting!

oooh! pretty!

I found the pattern online. I was just wondering what was the skill level? I’m really interested in doing this for my best friends baby.

Crystalw - the skill level is pretty simple, actually. The only things you have to be able to do are knit, purl and follow a pattern. And not give up! :slight_smile: Once you get into the main pattern, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do without even looking at the pattern, because it’s so repetitive.

OK thanks! It is such a beautiful blanket!!!

Wonderful blanket!

That blanket is beautiful! TFS!

that blanket is simply georgous i will be saving the pattern for when i have my next baby.

so beautiful, i can see why you would be sad to see it go