FO! Heritage Baby Blanket

Woohoo… I FINALLY finished the baby blanket that I started over a year ago for my niece. Of course, she’s now a year old, but I FREAKING FINISHED IT! Wooohooooo

It’s an Oat Couture Pattern done in TLC Baby, color Lilac


Congratulations on finishing the baby blanket. Do you have a picture to share?

ooo - it’s beautiful. is there a link to the pattern or did you buy it?

That is just gorgeous!!:inlove:

The blanket is beautiful! Maybe I didn’t wait long enough for the picture to show up the first time I saw the post.

Stunning!!! :inlove:

It is beautiful

I bought the pattern from a LYS I think up in Canada; I had a hard time finding it locally. It wasn’t until about 4 months ago I went into a LYS here that I had never been to, to only find that they carried it!!

Great pattern too. It’s written for three different yarn weights. So you can pick and choose. I chose to use the DK Weight and honestly, it shows the detail bettern than using it with worsted weight. It’s just more tedious on a size six needle and 211 sts!!

Thanks for the compliments!

That’s beautiful! I’m sure your neice will love it.

That is beautiful

very pretty…:happydance:

It’s beautiful! Love the wide border.

Absolutely STUNNING! :heart: Great job:yay:

Just gorgeous!

That is just beautiful!!

That is beautiful, I can’t believe that only took you a year. It looks rather complex.

It’s beautiful! :inlove: Great work.

Very pretty! I love the color. :cheering:

I love the color also, you put in a lot of work, I’m sure she’ll love it.

Really gorgeous!