FO: Herbal Sachets

With the Easter Bazaar right around the corner, I am busy knitting these and putting in fresh Rosemary from the ginormous bush in my vegetable garden. I cannot make enough of these things, and they add a little bit to the church coffers.

I was so happy I had this festive colored yarn. It’s Sugar’n Spice Summer Splash.

Love the herb sachet how did you do it? Are they very big? Would love to make a couple for my home. lol Right now all my herbs are strugling in my kitchen window as we have snow here FINALLY! :woohoo:

What a neat gift!

When I get home from my morning running I will quickly jot down the kindergarten simple pattern and get a picture of one of them for reference of scale. They are about as big as a large egg (real egg, not easter egg)

Adorable!! I, too, love the pretty summer colors!

OK, as I said, this is kindergarten simple since it came out of my head.

I used Lily’s Sugar’n Cream Summer Splash yarn. It’s a 4, so a worsted weight, 100% cotton for better aeration of the herbs/spices inside. You can use any weight you want but it will change the size of the pouch.

Size 5 US needles (DPNs or magic loop method)

Cast on 15 st. Divide between three needles, 5 stitches on each needle.

Row 1: Knit Around
Row 2: K1, Inc 1 (I used a bar increase) around
Row 3: Knit around
Row 4: Knit 1, Inc 1 around
Row 5-6: Knit around
Row 7: K1, YO around
Row 8-14: Knit around
Row 9: K1, SS, K1, PSSO, Knit to last three stitches, K2tog, k1 on each needle
Row 10: Knit around
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until 5 stitches remain on each needle (3 if you use a lighter weight yarn),
Knit around for last row to secure loops, cut yarn at about 10 inches, use darning needles to thread end through remaining loops, take needle through hole and secure and weave in end.

Cut a piece of yarn approximately 13 inches (or you can make an i-cord) and weave through holes made with YO. Put in herbs/spices of choice, tie up and enjoy!

If you guys have any questions or notice any mistakes, please let me know. I’ve never tried to write down anything like this before.

Very nice work! Colorful, useful, and so Spring-y!

I love these. I’ve made them, too, cuz I have a ton of potpourri from a garage sale and also my own lavender bush. My question is: Do you line yours? I’m alsways afraid the herbs will eventually turn to dust and leak out. I also found a bunch of little muslin drawstring bags at a yard sale, so I’ve been lining mine with those, but I’d love to skip that step if it isn’t necessary. What do you think?

I don’t line mine since I want the air to get in there and out of there with the scent of the herbs/spices on it.

Thank you for sharing the herbal sachets, ready to make some spring/easter things.
the patteren part, K1,Inc 1 around …my question is…
Do I k1, inc 1 all around the 15 stitches?

In late answer to your question /blush Yes, all of the directions are to be done “around”. Like I said, because it’s me, it’s best to keep it really simple. It’s just a quick little project you can do without really thinking or worrying about your stitches. Perfect project for me!