FO: Hemlock Ring Blanket

So, I’ve wanted to knit this since the day I learned to knit (or very shortly after I learned about Ravelry anyway!) I just realized that I need to resize all of the images, but since it’s my birthday I’m going to be lazy because I want to, so I’ll link you to my Ravelry project page!

Maybe later tonight after work/dinner/bar I’ll get bored enough to resize them to post here ;o)

Ok here are pictures!!!
Starting and getting the flower in the center done!

Finished “dead octopus” looking lace

Mid-blocking, I anchored the measuring tape to the center of the flower so I could constantly measure to the outside!

My favorite picture

And all pretttttty!!!

… soon I’ll have some outdoor pics taken, because you just can’t imagine how AMAZING this handpainted yarn looks!

Happy Birthday! Great job on the Hemlock Ring! :woohoo: I have always wanted to do that- I even have the yarn. Maybe this will motivate me to get it started!

You should! It’s actually a really easy fun/fasy knit once you get into the feather and fan section. 4 rows of just mindless knitting in the round and one row of inc/dec! :o)

Happy Birthday!! :balloons: The throw is beautiful :heart:

Lovely work!

Oh wow, Evan! You are such a brilliant knitter! This throw is just toooo fab!!!

Awww thank you, SOOO much!!!

I’m actually using it as a lap blanket right now… my partner was horrified to see that my beautiful lace object was keeping my feet warm lol.

Honestly I had my doubts that something so pretty could be warm and “hearty” but I have no doubt that it’s seriously durable. Not only did I toss it in my bag and carry it with me to knit it, but blocking it just showed how amazingly durable lace really is!

Oh… AND… for anyone that loves to block objects or knits a lot of lace, I HIGHLY recommend the Rowenta Compact Pro Steamer - $60. It only took 2 hours (because I chose to steam the hemlock twice) to complete blocking. Pinned out it measured 61 inches in circumference at the ‘peaks’ and after blocking and rest it’s at 60 inches.

and… finally posted resized pics!

Happy Birthday, Evan.

It doesn’t look like mindless knitting to me!

Great job!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


That is just gorgeous Evan! You really took to knitting like a duck to water! And happy birthday - hope you got alot of knitting related gifts:guyknitting: :balloons:

WOW!!! AMazing Evan!! If anyone ever had their doubts about blocking this should cure them. Gorgeous!!!

Evan! What a beautiful throw, knitted beautifully, with beautiful yarn!! Great job! :cheering:

That is really gorgeous! I love the colors. You really took off with knitting huh? That’s awesome :thumbsup: BTW - Happy birthday Aquarian!!!

That is gorgeous! Wow, the time and creativity astounds me. I’m doing hats and socks in between pain meds and kids wanting something.

Great job on your blanket!
And happy belated birthday.

Oops! Almost forgot!!! Happy Birthday!!! :muah:

That is just inspiring! I’ve always wanted to do this and now maybe this year will be the year… Great job

And! Happy Birthday!!!:balloons: :present:

Happy Birthday! Nice job. Your knitting is so wonderful!

I thought yuck at the dead octopus and then I said WOW!! Great Job:yay: Hope you had a great birthday:balloons: (Mine was the 7th; thought about skipping it this year but didn’t like that option!)

Happy Birthday, Evan!
You did a beautiful job on your Hemlock…Love the color! I am finished with mine, but have not blocked it yet! My friend and I are going to block it, if it ever stops snowing…LOL! 10 more inches today!
Merry :slight_smile: