FO: Hello Kitty hat

Hello Kitty ear flap crochet hat.

:lol: That’s so cute!

Aw, that’s cute. Are you spoiling your granddaughter? I sure hope so!

Very very cute…one lucky grandchild1:cheering:

That’s so adorable and the earflaps are such a wonderful way to keep cozy and warm. Well done!

Aww that is so cute! I love it!

I thought you would get a kick out of my dd’s halloween costume. She works for St Jude’s and is the one I made those bright colored patterned socks for. She decided she wanted to make the costume that Carol Burnett wore on her show for the skit about Gone With the Wind. I love it and got a good laugh this morning.

Nonny, that’s hilarious! Great costume!

Hey, I remember that Carol Burnett skit. It was a classic!

After a long day at work, I really needed to see that! Please thank the dd for me.

Aw shucks! That’s too darn cute for words!!!