FO - Hello Kitty doll

Pattern: Hello Kitty
(I added the bow)

Yarn: will update later

This is for a really good friend of mine who likes Hello Kitty. She is a knitter, so I’m hoping this will pass as a really cool gift for her.

I think it’s really cool!! It looks perfect!! :thumbsup:

She will L O V E … love it!

BELDDDD! That couldnt be ANY cuter!!! REALLY good job! She’s not gonna believe you MADE it!

Thats so cute!! Great job!! :cheering:

Perfect!!! :cheering:

What an excellent gift for a Hello Kitty lover! You’ll have to tell us what you ended up stuffing her with.

You added the bow? How could it not come with a bow? Very cute.

That is such a cute gift. Nice knitting

I love it!! :smiley: I work with a girl that is obsessed with Hello Kitty. She would love this! Great job!

Happy Holidays


She’s just too cute :cheering: :cheering:

I ended up buying the big bag of 100% polyester Fibre Fill :oops:

She just loved it!!! She loved the idea that it was a Hello Kitty and she loved that I made it for her (and praised the good job handiwork on it). It is no comparison to the sweater that she gave me (pics will be coming soon), but she already has a place for it.

:inlove: very cute, Beldie! :heart:

that is adorable!

my niece would love it =)

Wow, that is great!! Excellent job!

My thoughts exactly!

GREAT job Beldie, I LOVE it!!! :inlove:

THat is the cutest. And in the truck. :roflhard:

Oh my GOSH! THIS IS TOOOOOOOO CUTE! Thanks for the pattern link!

has a panic attack I wish I had 4 arms!!!