FO hedwig illusion dishcloth

i knit this up yesterday. it didn’t take that long (just a couple of movies) and i now know that i absolutely l:heart:ve illusion knitting! it’s just really cool.

now you see it…

now you don’t!

i used lion cotton in black and sunflower. the pattern calls for sz.6 needles. i started with sz.6 bamboos, but the stitches refused to move! a row and half into it i got completely fed up, ripped it out, and started over with my only pair of options (so far) wich happen to be sz.7. i think they worked pretty well. i’m definitely pleased. cloud9

That is so cool! Is it really complicated? It looks like magic.

it’s actually reeeeaalllly easy! i did the dishcloth just to get my feet wet and check it out. here’s the link: hedwig illusion dishcloth. there’s also a bunch of other patterns out there. i think there’s a link in one of the KH threads. just search for it.
basically, you’re just alternating knitting (and purling) two rows of each color and carrying the unused color up the sides. now i want to do some illusion scarves for christmas. this should be fun! :happydance:

That is cool!

Neeto! I saw the Alien Illusion in the S&B book…but it skeered me.

I might try this one!

Super neat!
Now I’m faced with a decision… do I go finish the sweater I’m knitting or go read another chapter of Harry Potter?

Lady Violet,

I have seen some of this around, but don’t understand what is going on. :?? The owl that shows up and the plain striped piece that you show, are they the same side and the picture shows up if you tip it a little? Is that the illusion? To me so much about knitting seems magical and there seems to be no end of the surprises it brings.

If the picture does show up on tipping, it is pretty amazing. :shock: Some scarves made with this technique would be cool all right. Neat project. Lots of fun.


Happy Potter! But don’t tell me, I’ve got 100 pages left!

I thought you were talking about Hedwig and the angry inch :roflhard:

ooh ooh, i going to knit this for a friend that loves Harry Potter…Thank you for the idea!!! I think i going to make a scarf with repeating pattern out of it:happydance: