Fo: hedera socks

Hey everybody!! Here is my latest (as of 30 minutes ago) finished project, Hedera by Cookie A. I used Knitpicks EssentialSolid in Ash. One skein per sock, but I used less than a whole skein. Great yarn for the price, by the way. Hope you like them!

Those are very nice, and I love the color. Was it a hard pattern?

Thank you! No, I would say it was fairly simple. Just a 4 row repeat and you can easily memorize the pattern.

love them!! good job on those!

Very nice x

Those turned out really beautiful!!! :muah:

:happydance: they look wonderful! Great job…

Nice socks!

I like those!

Oh, what pretty socks! I think you matched the yarn and pattern nicely!

Lovely socks. Great job!

Nice work. I really love that pattern you did. Makes me wanna knit some socks myself! :thumbsup:

Cool pattern! They look great.

Great socks!

Pretty socks. :slight_smile:

Oooooh…those are classy lookin’ socks! Love 'em!!

They turned out great! LOVE the pattern!!