FO Hedera Socks (Pic Heavy)

I just finished these Hedera socks last night. I used Koigu KPM yarn- which I just LOVE.
They took me quite a while to finish as I was working on charity blankets and a few other projects in between.

Those are beautiful socks!

Very pretty :slight_smile:

Wonderful job, luvin’ the color. :thumbsup:

Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the color you chose. Gotta love Koigu!

Very pretty and a great job on 'em!

I like the color. You did a good job.

They look great and that is such a pretty colour.

They are gorgeous!!

I agree and love the color as well…

Those are so pretty, I just love the color! :heart:

Great job! Fantastic colour. Keep up the good work!

I agree with everyone else, those are great, and the color just gorgeous!

Did they take very long?

Beautiful :inlove:

Thanks everyone!

Yes, they did take a long time, but not for any reason other than I was working on lots of other projects. I started them July 3rd and finished them November 7th.

The colour is probably my favourite thing about them. I love purple, especially that shade. The yarn was lovely to work with too. I would definitely use Koigu again.

Lovely socks, and gorgeous color! You did a very nice knitting job there, congrats!

:inlove: very pretty!! Great job :yay:

very nice - I really love the color! I was at my LYS this weekend, and they said they would help me learn to knit socks - woo hoo!

Beautiful! I love the color! I used KPPPM for some armwarmers for a friend… wow, that is some fabulous yarn!

Beautiful lace panels! Neat socks.