FO: Heather's Scarf

it’s pink and brown, not black. stupid camera phone. um yeah, stripes wooo

That’s really cool - I like how you alternated the thickness of the stripes. :slight_smile: Heather will love it, whomever she is :wink:

I love those colors together! It looks beautiful!

Very nice:)

[I]I love pink and brown. Reminds me of chocolate and strawberries! Nice stripe pattern, too! I love random stripes![/I] :heart:

Cool scarf! Love the color combination :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: It looks great and Heather will love it! I also like the pink/brown combo :happydance:

Nice. Is that double knit? I can’t tell.

looks awesome

Great job! It turned out beautiful!

it’s not double knit. i thought about doing that but i didn’t think i had the patience. it would certainly make an amazing scarf and i think i might do that on the next one.