FO-Headband for my little girl

I had a small ball of some sort of confetti type yarn that is very cute but I had no idea what to make so I decided to make a headband for my daughter. I thought it would be great for her to keep the sun off her head and still let her head breath.

That’s cute and so is she!

It’s beautiful! What a great idea!

She is so cute!! Love the idea of a headband…it looks great :yay:

They are both darling! Good work!

Great idea! Looks nice! :thumbsup:

She’s adorable and the headband is cute!

Very pretty, and adorable! Oh, and the headband is adorable, too! :slight_smile:

She looks so happy, good work!

What a cutie pie! Very pretty & colorful headband :yay:

ohh, it’s so cute!