FO: Headband for a friend :)

I bought this yarn because I know my best friend LOVES LOVES LOVES bright color. To be honest I liked the colors when I first picked out the yarn… but after casting on project after project and hearing things from my partner like “wow… that looks like a candy necklace” or “umm… is it supposed to look raggedy?” (all of which I totally agreed with…) I started hating it lol.

Finally I found a headband pattern I thought I liked - it didn’t work out well with the colors, so I thought “hey, I’ll just make this headband with a pattern I already know!” So this is based on a basketweave headband and the Irish Hiking Scarf :o)

(Oh and the wine rack was the only place that had decent lighting lol!)

Nice job - great colors!!

I like the way you think, EtoileClaude! I do enjoy reading your comments; they sound fresh and authentic. People who speak like this are rare in my life.

Evan, I think it’s really great! Very colorful, but subtly so!
Good job!

I like it too … you know, even though we may not like the yarn there’s always someone who will love it! :slight_smile: Great job!

Then I bet your friend would also like my ‘sunshine with confetti’ scarf, LOL.

and I like your headband just fine…but then, I too enjoy bright colors.

Ooh, very nice! I like how the colors lined up :slight_smile:

i like it, its beautiful n am sure ur freind will like it