FO - Hawaiian Leis Socks

This pattern came from the 2008 Pattern a Day Calendar. The Ravelry link is here.

I used 110g of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. The color is Georgetown.

This was a super-easy pattern, and it went quickly when I settled down to work on it. It only took me awhile because of various other life obligations. Too bad I can’t be a full-time knitter!

                                          I knit these using two circs (size 1 1/2) – my favorite method.

I completed ten pattern repeats for the legs and ten more for the feet (everything from the heel down).

                                          I adjusted the decreasing on the toes – a first for me that I think worked out nicely since my feet are certainly not narrow.  I alternated decreases w/ss until I reached 32 total stitches (16 on each needle). Then I completed two more decrease rounds without the even rounds in between to get me to a total of 24 stitches (12 on each needle). I kitchenered off. Voila! No more pointy toes!

I managed to get my daughter to take a couple of pictures against the background of her room. The green wall makes for lovely photos, if I say so myself!

Here’s a close-up…notice the Eye of Partridge heel…so pretty and a nice alternative to the slip stitch heel. Directions to make the heel can be found here.

Here’s the yarn before it was knit up…

As always, thanks for looking!!! :muah:

Those are so pretty, great job!

Those are absolutely beautiful Nathalie! :notworthy:

Those are gorgeous!

Very pretty :slight_smile:

Awesome pair of socks,Nathalie. Bet their scrumptious to wear,also.

Those are spectacular!!!

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Your modified toe looks great. Thanks for pointing out the special heel. It looks very nice too. Lovely yarn and an interesting pattern stitch.

My DIL and DGD gave me one of those calendars one year. They are fun.

They are absolutely beautiful! I love the pattern, and the yarn you chose is perfect. Lovely work! Thanks for the links.

WOW - those socks are wonderful!!

They look wonderful.

GORGEOUS. Love love love love LOVE!

These looks really pretty :inlove:

Those are really nice…I may have to add that to my list of things to do.

I LOVE your socks!!!:inlove: I had that pattern from my calendar LY, now I have to hunt down my stash for the perfect yarn! You have inspired me!

Wow!!So pretty.:heart:
The socks are so…Coooooool!!

:passedout: Absolutely beautiful! Great job!

How pretty, I love that pattern!

You guys have made me feel SO good! Thanks for the kind words.

The pattern truly is EASY. I promise! The yarn is thicker, which made for a warm pair of socks. I do think that you could cast on fewer than what’s called for in the pattern, if you use this weight. It’s rather stretchy. I think that this pattern would be even daintier with thinner yarn!!!

I’ve also got to give props to my daughter. I think her picture taking skills make them look better than what I thought.

Thanks again!!!