FO- HatScaf

Finally finished my other sisters request for a hatscarf :woohoo:
It’s really just a LONG LONG LONG hat. Not only was it just really long but she wanted it in cable form too :zombie: So here it is…yippie for me i get so happy when i finish don’t you :mrgreen:

It’s done on 16inch size 10 circular needles and Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted Weight yarn in black.

I’ve never heard of anything like that, but it’s really neat!! The cables are gorgeous! :cheering:

That is really cool! You did a fantastic job, I’ve started a hat for my sis. and she wants a scarf too - but I’m not showing her your nice job or she’d want that and I’d have to say, are you crazy, I’m not doing all those cables. Don’t get me wrong I like cables but I need a break. I only got about a foot done on my Irish hiking scarf before I binded off and said here kids, play with this. Again, VERY nice job, pat yourself on the back. :cheering:

What a FABULOUS knit!

Love this hat! I think your son could star in one of those futuristic movies…or creature from the black lagoon! Cute!

How cool is that!? Looks like a lot of work… you did a really great job!

Nice job. You should be blessed for working in all that black :notworthy:. I hope you sister enjoys it.

Wow, those are gorgeous!! :notworthy: :notworthy:

Your son looks hilarious! :rofl:

so cool! how long did it take you to knit something that long with all those cables?!

OMG it took me [size=6]FOR-EV-ER[/size]
I had all of December to work and I didn’t finish until just yesterday. With the length it was and all the cables it gets very…humm whats the word…tedious…humm i don’t think thats how you spell it but you know what i mean :teehee: Flat out, I just got lazy of doing it. But its done now and i can move on :wink:

Wait. Is the whole thing a tube or just the hat part and then the rest is knit flat :??

Yup the whole thing is a tube. Although you could just do the tube part for the hat and then knit it flat for the scarf part of it but it was a personal choice…unfortunaty…to knit it this way :wall: .

How clever! Makes sense—can use as a scarf alone or if it gets really cold —pull on the hat! :heart:

Great job!! :thumbsup:

That is really cool!!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!

I love it! Great cables and the picture of your son… :roflhard:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: just amazing

[color=green]That is one of the coolest scarves I have ever seen. I love that it is a hat as well. You did a great job.[/color]

That is so cool! You did such a great job on it!

That is awesome!

Very cool! Nice cable work.