FO: Hats!

My DH has been laid up for 2 weeks. He had a total hip replacement on Dec 2, and sent home on Dec 5th. Phew. Anyhoo, he is up and then down, but mostly his progress is on the UP side!

In the meantime, I have 2 sweater projects ready for blocking, [B][I]but no energy to do it![/I][/B] So, in between fetching and running, I’ve taken to knitting hats! I do love hats, and finished 3 hats in the past week. They are really one night hats! Nice and easy to concentrate! And 'sides…I really need them! One of them matches a scarf that I knitted with stash yarn this summer. Had a bit more left over!

Here is JENNY CLOCHE (yeah, the 5th time I’ve knit it!)
(It’s a $2 Ravelry download by Julia Madill)

Here is my 2nd “Unoriginal Hat”. (A free pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McFee)

And here is my newest hat pattern, Woven Braid Ski Hat by Cheryl Beckerich! (It’s a $5 Ravelry download) The pattern called for NORO “Iro” yarn, but I used NORO “Silk Garden” and it worked out fine! Not as thick as you might want for skiing, but I don’t ski anyway! But it fits great!

The top of the hat:

With my matching scarf!

The back seam (3-needle bindoff):

Those are beautiful, Dollyce! I hope your husband continues to improve and feel better!

What gorgeous hats! I hope your husband’s recovery progresses quickly!

I love that hat in the Noro :oD

Alls are lovely

Gorgeous hats!!! Love all those patterns and yarns!

Love them!

Gorgeous…I too LOVE hats…they are soo much fun, never tried a 3 NBO to finish…I’m gonna download that one:heart:

They’re all so cute!

Wow, those are beautiful! I especially love the woven braid one. Gorgeous colors.

So sorry about your husband, and hope he recovers quickly. I know how difficult it is to have a family member hurt or ill during the holidays. Hope your family is able to relax some and enjoy being together.

I LOVE the first one but my favorite is the bright pink one!! Beautiful job!

As always, you have done a great job on all three! Good luck helping your hubby on his way to recovery!

Lovely hats!! I love the different colors and textures :heart: I am, however, beginning to suspect we might have to hold a Cloche intervention… :wink:

Gorgeous!! I even actually like the “Unoriginal Hat” (I’m not at all a fan of cables…lol…not that I don’t like doing them, though I’ve never tried rather, I typically just don’t like the appearance of cables).

I absolutely love that Cloche. Is it knit flat or in the round??

:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

I don’t think I’ve seen this trio, although a couple of them look familiar. :slight_smile: I love the colors in your Noro set. The scarf is gorgeous, and of course I love hats of all sorts.

Your hats are beautiful! You do awesome work! What was the yarn that you used on the Jenny Coche and Unoriginal hats. I want to make myself a couple hats, and these look perfect. Thanks for your reply.