FO: Hats

Just started knitting again, and learned how to do hats. I started this second hat on Tuesday and finished it this morning :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking…


Great job! I see lots of warmth from the cold this winter. I love making hats!

Those look great!

If you click the link in my signature you’ll find the info on posting photos here. You’ll get more people looking and commenting if they can see the photo right away. :thumbsup:

Very nice, and colorful, too! :thumbsup:

Nice job! Those hats look toasty.

Very nice job. They look really comfy :slight_smile:

Cute hats, and they’re very cute on you!

cute hats,nice work…I love doing hats they make up so quick

Thanks everyone. It was fun making them, once I learned how to use those circular needles. Now I need to get cracking on my baby blanket.

They turned out beautiful!!