FO Hats!

I’ve been on a real hat kick lately. They are easy, don’t take a lot of yarn and are very portable. Here are four that I’ve finished in the last week.
Pink Baby Hat in Vana White yarn:

Dang, I’ll have to post the others in a reply…

Here are the other three. One is made in Bernat’s Camo yarn, the middle one is Bernat Alpaca Blend in Plum and the last in Michael’s new house brand Impeccable in Neapolitan. I like the new Michael’s brand. It’s soft and easy to work.

I’m working on yet another hat. They are good stress busters as well as stash busters!

Your hats are always so cute!!!

Very cute!

I love roll edge hats! I also love the roll edge on the collar of pullovers, and the hemline! It is such a neat little finishing touch! Your hats look just GREAT!

They r stunning n beautiful

Very nice! I guess it’s getting closer and closer to the time to start thinking about making hats! :frowning: We really had almost no summer here, and now it’s winding down already!

They look great! Nothing like finishing some simple projects to spur you on to the next fun thing! Great job!

My, you’ve been busy! They’re all very cute :slight_smile: