I used leftover stash yarns to knit up two wool hats and two scarves for my 7 mo old great-grandson! He looks so adorable in them!

NOTE: babies should never be allowed to wear scarves when
out of eyesight. Do not let babies fall asleep wearing a scarf. Do not let babies wear a scarf in carseats unless an adult is sitting in the back with the baby.

His mother prefers that I don’t post his photo here at KH, since it is more public than Ravelry. My notes.

Awww! He’s adorable and those are beautiful hats and scarf!

Soooooo cute! My cousins wife just had a baby, and my aunt suggested I knit a scarf for the baby. I never even thought that babies shouldn’t wear scarfs!

Maybe I will stick with just a hat.

Yeah, no scarves for babies or small children. If she’s concerned about keeping the neck warm a hat with neck coverage makes sense and is safer.

What a lucky and warm young man to get not one, but two, great looking hats! :slight_smile:

Gramma guilt is kicking in now as I have yet to knit hats for either of my grandkids…:aww:

Lovely, as per normal for you! :thumbsup: You would never, ever spoil your grandkids, now would you?

Thanks for posting the pattern link. Your hats and scarves are darling.

This is one well-dressed baby! Adorable hats and scarves.

Cute, cute, cute! With so many great FOs, I am honestly running out of adjectives :slight_smile:

He is one beautiful little fellow. Seems like just yesterday you were talking about her baby shower and his birth. They sure grow up fast and he looks so cute in them too.

Lucky guy! He’ll be styling for sure now thanks to you! These are wonderful.