FO: Hats, Hats, Hats etc

I am knitting hats for gifts and my ML is knitting scarf :XX: We both still have a little to go. I also did the, “knit something new-challenge” two socks on two CN. Now I am decresing my hats this way. :cheering:


Everything looks really great! I love those little circus hats, they’re so cute!

:cheering: VERy cute! all of them!!! congrats! :heart: :happydance:

Wow, that’s a lotta hats-and socks too! Love those wrist warmers, great yarn!
Great job, everything looks wonderful!

just in time for this cold weather!!! gotta question. on the first t2 did you make the little bumps in another color or is that the way the yarn is made??

nice job on that hats, socks and wrist warmers!! :thumbsup:

I love it all! Especially cute is the budding musician modeling one of the hats! :smiley:

OMG!!! Such cute stuff!! WTG! :thumbsup:

Adorable hats! Great job, so unique.

:heart: :heart: in’ ALL of your FOs :cheering: :cheering:

Thank you, everyone, for all the nice comments. :blush:
Koolbreeze, the multi-color yarn I used in some of the projects, is a novelty boutone. I have it in two color designs and I love to add it to different projects - as you can see. I bought Tutti Frutas and Fiesta from . I am eyeing the Feria which is darker. If you are not looking for new yarn, DON’T go here!

WOW. i think i’ve seen them on ebay. ididn’t know it was an acyal website! thanks for the link.

BTW~where in St. Louis are you located?

I’m off Mexico and Kanaust. :shock: And you?
The web site for handpaintedyarn is priced better than on ebay, go figure. :thinking: I am almost finished with my SL rectangular shawl-scarf. I am using recycled WASHED silk. After Christmas, I think I will be getting one. :smiley:

never heard of Mexicoin St. Louis… heard of one in St. Peters/ O’Fallon

i stay off of Cave Springs/ Muegee

I love your hats they are so cute. The pink one reminded me of a strawberry cake. Must be because I am pregnant and everything looks like food. Did you make the hat that your son was wearing? I really liked that one too.


:cheering: Everything looks wonderful great job!! :thumbsup:

Thanks :oops:
ebrperk congradulations on the pregnancy. :cheering: Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?
I call the top two designs, circus hats because I was going for the circus tent look but strawberry cake does sound good. The one my musician is wearing is worsted baby alpaca done on N4 in a basket weave that flips up. I made matching hats for both my guys.

koolbreeze St. Peters/ O’Fallon is where I am. We are a hop, skip and jump from each other.

you threw me off with the st. louis on the side there!!!

I am going to have to give a try, I had not none of anyone that had shopped there…I do so love the colors…thanks :wink:

I love the little pillbox looking hats. Those are so fun! I’m so ready to make me a new hat. I just sent my favorite winter hat off to NYC with my best friend who is visiting family for a week. I dropped her off at the airport and asked if she had a hat to keep warm and she said, “Well, I have a hood on my coat” so I pulled mine off and handed it to her. I’m wondering now if I’ll get it back :thinking:

Those are all really great!!! GOOD JOB!