FO - Hat

My first hat from the pattern posted on the website. I’m so exited! :woohoo:

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Have a great day!

Lovely colours. YOu did a great job on it :slight_smile:

You did a really good job on it.

VERY nice! The colors are great - you really did a super job.

It’s beautiful! Love the yarn you chose!!

Wow, that’s really pretty! I love those colors. You did a great job!

I really like it - I like the look of it and the yarn is pretty - thanks for sharing!

:woot: Great job!! I love the colors…

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Your first hat? Wow, that looks great. :thumbsup:

Love love love it! :heart: My favorite yarn is variegateds! Way to go!:thumbsup:

Looks great and has such great colors.

It looks great. Good job! :slight_smile:

Nice job!

What a cute hat! Congratulations!

I just love Autumn colors! Autumn doesn’t last long enough, does it?
This hat is really beautiful! And, the knitting is very consistent and well done! Thanks for sharing your knitted artwork with us! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! You did a very nice job. I like the brite colors too.:yay:


Great work! It’s looks really warm.