FO: hat

This hat was made with the imitation weasel-wool I got at the wool market in Beijing (search for the thread “name that animal” on the general forum). It is actually 93% imported sheep wool (probably Australian or NZ) and 7% “imitation sable”, sable of course being a species of large carnivorous weasel.

Anyway, the product is extremely soft and smooth yarn without too much frizziness. I made this hat for my co-worker Judy (pictured) using the Mielke’s Fiber Arts hat pattern I always use and two modifications: I used garter stitch for the “ribbing” instead of vertical ribs, and I added a cute little pom-pom at the top. I’m getting fairly good at estimating my gauge now… this hat is only a little too big.

OMG, I love it!!! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Wonderful job - it looks SO cozy!

Great looking hat!

Oooo that is so pretty!!

Nice job! It looks so warm and soft! I like how you modified the garter stitch instead of the vertical ribbing ~ it’s a nice alternative! :cheering:

Good Job. I bet its VERY cold in China~! :eyebrow:

I love the garter stitch instead of ribbing- what a great change!

Great job! I really like the garter stitch, it makes for a nice change to the ribbing. It looks like your co-worker really likes it.

Adorable! :heart:

That looks so cozy!

Not bad for weasel! :rofl: No, seriously though, it’s really cute! :cheering:

i am more of a fan of ribbed knit but garter stitch is still nice

i also believe that the pompom at the top is an excellent idea!

I must admit i think that more and more young men should wear hats with pompoms on them (come on ladies sort it out :wink: )

What a lovely hat Joe,… Im posting on this one to show you that i did read the last thread :slight_smile:

Oh i STILL think more men shud wear a knitted cap with a pompom :wink:

I’m not a big pom-pom wearer myself, but I can make one.

How could is it there? Are you freezing your hiney off??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Fair to middlin’, but I grew up in Maine so it’s hardly even a bother for me. Beijing is so dry that even though we had freezing temperatures, we only had snowfall twice, and it lasted no more than 10 days on the ground. Already the days are starting to get warmer.

LOL :slight_smile:
Thats a shame, isnt it a shame that too many young men are afraid to be seen with a pompom on their hat?

My BF doesnt have a choice :slight_smile:
He has 6 winter hats out of which 4 have pompoms!

If hes on a date with me then the pompom must be worn!

I really like the edit to the pattern! Very nice hat.