FO - Hat with ears and hair

Ok. I’m not entirely happy with this. I know it looks cute/funny/whatever.
It’s an own creation. I found something similar on ravelry but didn’t wanna spend money on the pattern, so I came up with something myself.

Have a nice laugh. :wink:

It’s a backview, the front is not much different, except there’s no hair.

I have never seen anything like this, but it IS cute! I can think of a lot of little girls who would love to have something like this! They could have “hair” any color they want…just for fun! Uh…what is revelry? I have seen it mentioned on her several times. I am new to the site as of a couple hours ago…( I can’t seem to log off!)

It’s a site with tons of patterns, yarn information and so on. It’s really nice, but you have to sign up and wait, up to two months I think…

I appreciate your kind words.

Looks cool! I even know some adults who may like it.

I think I know some girls who would love that!

Cute hat! I can’t get over all the darling hat patterns these days! Good job!

Awwww. Don’t give up on it, it’s adorable. I might even add button eyes or eyelashes or summat. :knitting:

hehe , I thought about button eyes as well.

It would be adorable on a ‘bald’ baby, like my 5.5 month old DGD.

LOL - it would be cute on a bald baby!! :slight_smile:

Hey Bluey! I like it too!! (My daughter was ‘bald’ until she was around 3 years old…she would’ve loved it!)

Actually it’s for me… :smiley:

Please, Please post a picture of yourself wearing it! It’s so cute!

As by request, here’s the hat on a head.

Never mind the ugly model.

Here they are on flickr, better size, better look, attached are smaller versions.