FO hat with beads

So this summer when we went to visit my mum we were at this craft fair. This woman had a spinning wheel and was selling her wares. She had hand dyed roving and handdyed spun yarns. THey were lovely. My mum said to pick one and I did and they she picked one that had already had beads imbedded in it. She asked me to make her a hat out of it. Well she asked me to make something out of it and I decided to make a hat. It was kinda wierd knitting with it. THe beads kept running through my fingers and bumping along it was distracting. Trying to weave in ends was torture. the beads kept getting in the way. But my mum likes this yarn and I sadi I would make her something so here it is. My son and his friend Kai are the models :roll:

I think working with the beads will have been worth the effort, she’s going to love that hat!

It looks wonderful and she will love it!!

That’s nice of you to do it and I’m sure she’ll love it!:hug:

That’s very cute. And I think having pre-beaded yarn sounds easier than adding the beads by oneself.

That is beautiful and unique!

It looks terrific!

Great work :thumbsup: Love the color too.