FO: Hat with backstory

The hat featured here – made for my mom, the person modeling it, has a story behind it. She lives in SE Minnesota and tries to walk a mile every day, and during the winter months, esp. during hunting season, she worries about being mistaken for a deer-- as well as keeping her head and ears warm. So I add to my Joanns order what looks like nice obnoxiously bright orange yarn --lion brand wool ease in paprika. It arrives mere days before I am scheduled to visit my folks for Christmas. I grab the yarn without looking at it much and pack it in my carry on, along with my other knitting projects.

Needless to say when I first really looked at the yarn over the holiday, I noticed that paprika wasn’t as bright an orange as I thought – but my Mom --who like many mom’s appreciates all sorts of things her children make, said not worry about the color. So I cast on and knit like fiend. Only to realize that the one skein of paprika was NOT going to be enough for the hat :oops: But no problem, I had some wool ease in natural so I all I had to do was insert some ivory stripes in the hat pattern. Go me. So the hat is done and I am considering a pom-pom when I take another look at the hat colors. Paprika (more of a rusty brown than orange) and ivory.
Can you say “deer colors”?! And I was thinking of adding an ivory pom-pom (deer tail anyone)? :teehee:

I’ve promised to make mom a more appropriately colored hat come hunting season next fall. I’m thinking yellow.


Your mom’s hat looks wonderful!

I can’t help but giggle while reading your story. Your mom’s hat came out great! She looks happy wearing it, too! :heart:

it’s cute!!! Moms love what we make for them no matter what it is. but your hat is extra special!!!

Well hopefully there are no stupid hunters that think deers have stripes!!! The hat is super duper!

The hat looks great but YES a pompom on top is a great idea

Id say the pompom should cotnrast with most of the hat

I think a pompom would be a nice touch :thumbsup: And I don’t think she looks like a deer.