FO: Hat for BIL

I’m desparately trying to finish BIL Brian’s hat today. I just about had it, tried it on…too short. Darn. Well, it looked good on me, but I doubt it would have on Brian.

Gave me an excellent opportunity to try Amy’s video on inserting your needle in a destination row before unraveling (see Basic Techniques ->…More). It really works, just be sure you’re grabbing the stitch from the same row all around. I had a hard time distinguishing between rows 8 and 9 :rollseyes: geesh, can’t even blame it on alcohol.

Back on track and adding length to the hat. I would really like to get it done tonight, but we’ll see.

I’m using Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca in medium blue and white, US 5 needle. I’m using a basic hat pattern from The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, doing my own funky striping thing. Do you think I should add another stripe (or set of stripes) or just leave it blue to the top?

I love that color blue! I’d just leave the two stripes–very classy. Good work on the non-frogging. I have trouble keeping track of which row I’m on, too, unless there’s a color change or pattern. Better than the alternative, though!

yeah, I’m kinda liking the single set of stripes there too. I might have to make a hat with the opposite patterning b/c I’m going to have nearly a whole ball of that white left…

how about just a very small stripe…one or two rows of the alternate color closer to the crown…it is very nice!

I think that blue the rest of the way would be good for a guy. Great job on the hat!

I vote no more stripes…that leaves you more white for a hat for YOU!! :mrgreen:

I’d leave it the way it is. Its really nice!

I’d leave it the way it is. Its really nice!

Very :sunglasses: cool to learn new techniques when we mess up, don’t ya think?! I really love it just the way it is, very nice, very classy, very manly, he will :heart: it! It will be worn often :thumbsup:

I agree – it looks great as-is (stripewise). :thumbsup:

Well thanks for the input everyone :smiley: I finished the hat with no extra stripes. I really like the way that it turned out. It fits me perfectly, and is a little big on DH, which means it should fit Brian just right…I can’t believe I have a bigger head than DH :??

Anywho…I’ll post a picture of the modeled hat when I’m decent and DH is awake to take the pic. :cheering: Yay! Another FO!

When you’re DECENT… :lol:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Love the hat can’t wait to see the picture when your “decent”… although dh might want a picture of ya undecent and the hat :eyebrow: hubba hubba

Can’t wait to see it! I really like just the two stripes.

I have a big head too :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. What, I look awful first thing in the morning, that’s all I meant.

And see if we do that, then we could never look Brian in the eye while he was wearing it. It would be tainted. And wrong. :roflhard: shivers

Oh puleez! None of us are “decent” around here. And we like it that way!!

Oh yeah, umm… the reason I’m here… um…Nice hat. :lol:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I have to agree with you, FG, any ‘posing’ and it would just be too wierd to see someone wearing it… :help: :roflhard:

You forgot to mention how :inlove: soft :inlove: it is, because you :heart: WUV :heart: your remedially follicled BIL sooo much…

:rollseyes: I don’t know if I would go that far, PHM, I mean he’s nice and all, but we work for competing companies, so I don’t know how much “wuv” there is :smiley: just kidding, he’s a great guy. I did think about putting my company’s logo on the hat, but I thought the better of it. I mean, the yarn was kinda pricey to be a gag gift.

ok, so after several serious attempts at trying to take my picture in this toque, I caved in to my inner dork.

awwww what a cutie!!!

and the hat is great too!