FO hat. but I think i'll frog it

Made this for my son but its too big. Its sooooooo soft. Lurve this yarn. Alpaca with a twist yarn, Baby twist.
I got 4 skeins of it. Maybe a branching out scarf? I might try to double it and make a “stronger” hat? I don’t know…:think:

aww sorry you have to frog it… I do like the color… I think it would be very pretty in the branching out :yay:

Just tell him that you made it for him because he is soooo cool! Then his head will grow.

It looks great! Do you mean it’s too tall? Couldn’t he just roll the brim up further or is it too big around?

It’s a great hat, too bad it doesn’t fit him. Maybe it fits someone else? Dont we just hate frogging?

yeah I tried toget him to roll it up but he said “it will be too itchy” which I don’t get so whatever

Actually I don’t mind. Just means I get to knit more :teehee:

Seems a shame to undo such neat stitching! Nice work!

Sorry it doesn’t fit him, but it’s a nice hat!

I made a hat out of that for my mom…it’s nice and warm because of the alpaca!

You did a splendid job and the color is yummy! Even frogging it you can make something gorgeous with it.

What a pretty hat! I love the color.

Too bad you can’t keep it, but good thing you took a picture so that you can remember it. :wink:

Great color! It looks good. Sorry it’s too big.

Very nice!

Be very gentle when you frog it. Because of the halo it felts up pretty quickly.

I made a shawl out of 2 skeins of that and it turned out beautifully, and so warm.