FO~Hat and scarf and WIP

This is a scarf and hat that I made my sister who is in her first year of college. She wanted it primarily black but wanted her school colors. She plays basketball.

This is Julie’s lace edged hat, hopefully I will finish it by tomarrow

Oooh! Pretty!

That pink is just so pretty! That pattern works so perfectly with that color! It just screams, “I’m a Girl and proud of it!”

The scarf and hat are nice too. UGA? I like the way that you did the colors going up and down, very cool!


:cheering: :cheering: Great job! I’m so used to seeing st st hats and ribbed hats, you tend to forget about how cool the purl stitches can look, too.

:cheering: Your hat is so pink and girly!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thank you ladies! My sister goes to the Claifornia State University of Stanislaus. Its in northern cali

Oh I love the hat in pink! I was thinking of making it again in pink, too. With bigger needles next time. :rollseyes: :roflhard:

Do you have the link to the patterns? I couldn’t take my eyes off the pink! TOOOO PURDY!!
Thanks for sharing!

all are wonderful!!! :cheering:


Sascha, those look GREAT!! Nice work! :inlove:

Ooooh, very nice!

Do you have a link to the patterns? I like both of those hat patterns…

:cheering: ohh love the pink and your sister will love the hat/scarf combo great job on it all!!

Thank you for all the nice comments!

Ok for those of you interested in the patterns:

I used this for the hat in the set.

The lace edged hat is Julie’s wonderful pattern. I can not give it out but she is testing it right now and will be making it avaliable. You can send her a pm, she is a sweetie.

Everything is very pretty! I LOVE the hat and scarf set.

go team! and pretty in pink! Good work :cheering: