FO: Happy/sad finger puppets

I just finished these finger puppets. The happy face is on one side, and the sad face on the other. I will take them to 4-year-old big sister and 2-year-old big brother when baby sister arrives next month. I used scrap yarn, and size 3 dp needles. The pattern is here:
The pattern calls for size 4 (or 5) needles, but that was too big. The faces took longer to do than the knitting.

Adorable! They will love playing with the puppets. :cheering:

oh, so cute! good job!

Those are really cute!

Soooo cute x

Those are adorable!!! :heart:

aww to cute! :happydance:


Those are so cute. Good job! You can tell the children this is a present from their new sibling. We did that with my grandson. We got him two hot wheels cars and told him they were from his new little sister. He thought she was pretty cool for a day or two after that. Then she started waking him up in the night and the cars were not so important anymore! Good luck with the new baby!

Oh how cute is that!!! Nice job :thumbsup:

How cute!! I love the hair!

:muah: Those are SOOOO cute!! I am sure the little ones will LOVe them :yay:

love em

What darling little puppets!

Very cute.

Thanks everybody. They were fun to do – especially after I figured out how to do the faces and the hair! I am doing another now for my other 2-year-old dgs, whose little sister was born in Dec.

[CENTER][B]Always a good idea to remember the big sister/brothers when a new baby comes along, especially with something so darn CUTE![/B][/CENTER]