FO: Hand Knit "Bedroll" Car Throw

I buy yarn in huge batches at yard sales when there’s anything good in it. The result is that I end up with tons of good old Red Heart 4-ply worsted weight acrylic yarn that I really don’t want, so I’m always trying to think up uses for it. This time I hit on something that should use up my whole stash by Christmas. :happydance: Here is my “bedroll” car throw.

(Sorry, I can see the handles, but can’t figure out how to make it smaller.)
If anybody wants to make one of these, here are the directions:
It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Just knit! (This one has a wide double-crochet border, but I don’t like it so I won’t do it that way again.)

what a cool idea…great stash buster. thanks for the link too.

Super idea and would be great for times when you need a quick warmup! And for little ones that need a pillow or blanket.

Great idea! Looks really nice!

A really good idea and a great way to use up yarn.I kinda like the border it looks a wee bit lacy.

:happydance: What a great idea! It looks great

WOW! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.
If any of you make one of these, please post photos. Ooo, that reminds me – I’m gonna post a photo from a vintage yarn wrapper that some of you might like and find a use for. brb. (Done! – Posted in Off Topic)

Great idea - might make great Christmas gifts!!

That’s what I’m doing – working on one for my sil right now. I’m also thinking they might be good for charity knitting projects. They go pretty fast.

Great project. Would make great gift for campers, college students, residents of nursing homes.

What a great stashbuster!

What a handy idea, and a good use for your RH. It will hold up to a lot of use and be welcome when needed.