FO: Hallowig

A few months ago, I found’s Hallowig pattern, and bookmarked it just because it was different and it made me laugh. This week, my hairdresser opened her own salon. I’m so happy for her and wanted to make the wig as a decor item for one of her styling heads.

I had two skeins of this yarn that I’d picked up long ago with no project in mind…

…because it was reduced to $1 per. You can’t see from where you’re sitting that it’s shot with a sparkly thread. In the photos, it merely looks multi-colored.

Tonight, I had an appointment with her for highlights, so the past two nights were after-work knitting crunch time.

She loves it! :mrgreen:

I told her what I thought she might like to do with it, and she replied that she shall wear it, most likely under her motorcycle helmet. Her husband came in to the salon while I was there, and I asked him to try it on as well. Too bad I’d already put the camera away in the car, because that was one hilarious sight.


Awesome job! Too bad you couldn’t have gotten a pic of her DH in the Hallowig, though. That would have been great! :rofl:

That’s pretty cool!!!

very funny–I like it! :slight_smile:

That is so cute! I meant to make it for my dd for Halloween last year and never got around to it. I need to get that on my ‘soon to do’ list. :happydance:

:teehee: I love it!! What a great gift for a hairdresser!

Thank you all! It was a very simple project. I knit slowly and was able to make it in three evenings after work.

You call that slowly?? Wow! I must be a snail! LOL My daughter says I knit fast, & maybe I do when I actually knit, but I get distracted so easily!!!

That is great. I’m glad you and your friends’ have a good sense of humour.

That would be a great item for anyone who does medieval battle recreation, there are a few national and international groups that do it. I dabbled a bit back in University. That hallowig would be great under a suit of armour, a little cushion as I can’t see metal against the head feeling good.

It would be great for motorcycle riding, too, b/c your hair gets tangled from the wind. That would help alot!

Loolee, what a great idea. We have a biker girl in our S&B group. I should tell her about it. :mrgreen:

Ginger, I disagree. You are not a slow knitter at all. You ZIP through every project you tackle! :teehee: