FO: Hallett's Ledge Cardigan

Finally FINISHED. I can’t remember procrastinating this long on the blocking and final finishing phases!
Blocking, seaming, buttonbands, neckband, buttons. From casting-on 9/15/11 to adding buttons on 2/28/12!
Wore it out the door last night! Loved the fit!

Here are my Ravelry Project Notes, if anyone is interested in the lowdown!

Sleeves were knit in-the-round this time, according to pattern.

Beautiful. Love that color.

wow! that is gorgeous - no big surprises there, your work always is.

but, if I am not mistaken, is that a size or two smaller than your usual? (have you lost weight?) If so, congratulations on a major achievement. I find myself in the position of having to re-lose some of the weight I lost a couple of years ago… ugh!


No, it’s no smaller than my usual sizing. This sweater is shapely, with ‘0’ positive ease. The design is figure flattering. This is the 2nd Hallet’s I’ve made due to that fact! This blue one, and a chestnut brown last season.

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

To die for!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Love it! :cheering:

Did I miss something? What yarn did you use?

I didn’t say anything about the yarn, etc. I linked the post to my Ravelry notes, which gives all the details. I thought if anyone was interested in the nitty-gritty, they’d click over.

But anyhoo, no worries! This is the yarn I used. It’s an Irish Wool. Not real scratchy, but not soft either. I can wear it next to my skin just fine. The color is [B]Blue Stone.[/B]

Beautiful sweater and absolutely perfect finishing. The detaits are terrific. Good to know it’s fun to wear, too.

:inlove: Frankly, I have run out of adjectives about your work. It is always beautiful, always sensational and terrific. Wonderful job!

Wow! What a doozy! I mean a good doozy! I would love to see it on you, but I understand if that’s not something you want to post.

You did a fantastic job.

Triple WOW! I like this as much as your Raspberry Cardi, which I thought was ‘to die for’.
Your Ravelry page of 264 projects is like visiting a lovely art display. You never cease to amaze.

I’m not being facetious when I ask this, really want to know: what color is wind to you?

Yeah, I am with Nonny2t. We have to make up more words like fantasticious, wonderazing, and very prettiful :slight_smile:

You really are a marvel. In the time it has taken you to do this, I have managed to frog, frog and frog 2 different shawl patterns. Just do not seem with “it” presently.

In order to refrain from being repetitive I will add that the sweater is stupendous.

Gorgeous as always ArtLady! :inlove:

Another [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]gorgeous sweater. :notworthy: [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]

Another lovely sweater. And again, love the buttons. :heart:

It’s beautiful!