FO: Haiku baby cardigan

Hi, I’m new to this forum so I thought I’d introduce myself with the last item I knit, just before my daughter Louka was born. It’s the haiku baby cardigan from Knitty, and I knit it in wool from Wool Cottage ( I actually had this wool left over from a jumper I knitted for my husband, but ran out when I got to the sleeves, and they didn’t have any more of the light variegated colour, so I got some plain colour that kind of matched, and made “cuffs” in the main colour.

Hi, Your lovely bubba looks nice and warm in her cardi. The other wool
you used looks like a good colour match - very close. Anyway welcome
to the forum, this is a great site. I don’t post alot as I don’t have as much knitting experience as alot of people on this site and also find that between the time difference and elbowing my hubby off the computer that often someone else has already given the answer that I would have. It is a great resource though and Amy’s videos are wonderful if you are stuck and want to see how a technique works in real-life.
Happy Knitting. :waving:

Very nice!

how sweet! :heart:

Awwww, she looks so cuddly & warm in the sweater. Great job! :heart:

Welcome to the forums! Beautiful sweater and your baby is so adorable!

I’ve been wanting to make that pattern for a long time, glad to see it “in action”! Looks great!

:smiley: She’s adorable!!! Love the sweater :heart:
:waving: Welcome to the forum!!

Louka is adorable! I like the way the colors worked out! It’s beautiful!

What a precious baby! Once again, when I first saw Haiku on Knitty it did nothing for me, but this this is adorable! Oh I just love it.

Cute baby and great looking cardi =D Welcome to the forum too :XX:

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. I like how this pattern can come up quite chunky and “rustic”, like mine, or much more delicate and refined like another version I saw on this forum. And it’s nice and easy for an occasional knitter like me.

Oh my gosh, is that not the cutest baby! I wanna squeeze her!!

The sweater came out fantastic, too. :thumbsup: I’ve been meaning to do this pattern…I love the color!

What a cutie pie she is!! The sweater looks great and sooo cozy!