FO: Grrlfriend Market Bag

I’ll probably make my next one bigger and with a longer strap (possibly two instead of one). It stretches like crazy but the short strap makes it hard to put big stuff in it.

And then I made another

This is the nicest Market Bag I’ve ever seen!
Well done!

Very nice bag!

Nice job - love the colors! I have made this bag as well, and use it often! I made the strap longer, but keep in mind that it does stretch when you use it…I think I made mine a tad TOO long! Eh, live and learn!!

I am in the process of making one of these as well! I am planning on doing two straps instead of one… I will let you know how it works out!

Very, very nice bag! My sister’s MIL made some bags and my sister is lining them. She reinforced the handles with some seam binding so they wouldn’t stretch so much.

Great bag! I didn’t think it could hold so much and still look so lovely!

Looks great! Love the bottom of it! Thanks for the link …