FO - Green Ballet Cami

Finished this on Sunday and it just dried from blocking. =)

It fits almost perfectly. It could be a little longer, but that’s just me being self conscious about my stomach. LOL It looks fine.

No gathering for me - I’m too busty. :slight_smile:

Looks lovely! Great job!

Lynda M

That’s super cute!!! It totally gives you an hourglass figure!!!

It’s very flattering and well-fitting. Way to go!! :cheering:

Awesomeness! What did you use for the yarn (besides something green? :wink: ) Is it a cotton blend?

Love it! :heart: :heart:

Fits you like a dream! Way to go!

It fits perfectly! I love it! :thumbsup:

LOVE it! I’m totally going to have to make one for a friend. (See my sig for why. :P) But it’s totally cute!

I love it!! Gorgeous color and it fits you perfectly!!

It came out beautiful!! :smiley: What stomach??? :wink:

I must be looking at the wrong pic because I see no stomach in this one!

Great top! Love the color

I adore the top and I am VERY jealous of your figure. You look amazing, dahling.

Great job! It came out great!

Gorgeous! :heart: Perfect fit!

Wow, that is beautiful! It fits you perfectly!! :inlove: :inlove:

Stunning…looks great on you :thumbsup:
What yarn did you use?

:cheering: :inlove:
Love it!!

Bookmarked it!!

Beautifully done, and I agree, it fits you perfectly! LOVE the color! :thumbsup:

Wonderful job - it looks perfect on you!

Very nice! Beautiful fit too :slight_smile: